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Happy 2021! Welcome to the Atento Capital newsletter, Land & Expand inTulsa powered by Talent inTulsa. In every edition ​we'll ​share news​ on​ the fastest growing ecosystem in the American Heartland, ​and ​how you can succeed in Tulsa.

SatelliteCompanies interested in access to top sales talent can welcome the first crop of students graduating from this program, please respond to this email directly to hire in 2021.

HolbertonThe program is graduating its first students this year, and they will be seeking entry level opportunities, if you’re interested respond to this email directly.

Atento and Life in Tulsa in 2020: Reflections on this past year from Atento Capital’s Managing Partner Michael Basch in Medium

A 31-Year-Old Entrepreneur Shares How Launching a New Business During COVID-19 Is Affecting Her Finances (Well+Good)

If you’re considering a big move these cities offer a $10,000 paid incentive (Ladders)

Broadening access: Tulsa is flagship program for Satellite tech sales program (Tulsa World)

They Can’t Leave the Bay Area Fast Enough (The New York Times)

Steve Case's Pandemic Playbook for 2021: Surge City. The Rise of the Rest. The future of innovation lies with cities in the American Heartland as covered in this Inc. article.

The migration of tech professionals from the coasts has only highlighted what cities such as Tulsa have been building for some time. 2021 and post-pandemic, now is the time to join us as we build a diverse and robust tech ecosystem.

Atento CareersCome work with us. Atento connects great companies to great people with the mission to grow Tulsa's community. Openings here.

Grow in TulsaIf you’re looking to build your business and succeed in Tulsa, or hire highly skilled remote workers click here.

Cariina: A new addition to the Atento portfolio Cariina offers a suite of integrated software solutions and works with school administrators to manage their internal operations.

Their mission is to promote safety, efficiency, and transparency within schools, all while providing administrators with the peace of mind they deserve. To learn more click here.

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